Our Approach

Gatewood-Spalding Wealth Management is an independent financial planning & investment management firm backed by the extensive resources and elite financial strength rating of Northwestern Mutual.

We are on a mission to share our expertise with families helping them become and remain financially self-reliant so they can give purpose to their money.

Who manages my wealth plan?

Each client family has a professional team dedicated to monitor and assure the plan is on track, efficient, and relevant. Each four person team includes:

Wealth Management Advisor

Lead Advisor

Portfolio Advisor

Client Service Associate

The Wealth Management Advisor has the ultimate responsibility to deliver on our promises and monitor your family's wealth strategy in order to achieve the desired outcomes and first class service you deserve.

The Lead Advisor is your family’s primary contact, consultant, and concierge. He or she facilitates meetings and communications, as well as designs, refines, and tracks your financial plan. The Lead Advisor ensures the plan accurately reflects your objectives, informed decisions are made, action items are implemented, goals are tracked, your family’s experience is exceptional, and make working with us simple. The Lead Advisor coordinates your plan with our Portfolio Advisors, Investment Analysts, Advanced Planning Team, and your outside professional relationships. Planning team members are available to speak with you any time. As with any project with multiple moving parts, your family’s wealth plan calls for someone ultimately responsible so the total project is managed as outlined and modified as needed.

The Portfolio Advisor and investment team dedicate their energy to confidently deliver meaningful performance, tax efficiency and risk management to client portfolios.

The Client Service Associate role is to make life easy and handle all client service needs. These include insurance underwriting service requests, beneficiary and title changes, premium payments, loans and distributions. The Client Service Associate also handles all investment account openings, account transfers, trade requests, cash transfers and distributions.

Who do we help?

We help families who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • $1,000,000 or more of investable assets
  • Household income in excess of $300,000
  • Executives with significant equity compensation
  • Established owners seeking to transition their businesses
  • Those preparing for retirement & retirees
  • Families seeking legacy or charitable strategies
  • Emerging affluent families
  • Families seeking multi-generational wealth & asset management
  • Families seeking personalized corporate trustee relationships
  • Professionals seeking to protect family assets

How do we help?

CONSULTING – Families initially engage on a consulting basis to gain clarity around their financial lives. We offer a straightforward fee schedule:







Our experienced professionals deliver an “agnostic” independent analysis. Goals and action items are clearly identified, tied to timelines, with responsible parties assigned. We coordinate follow through across a family’s outside professional relationships.

INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT – Investing through a lens that focuses on more than just performance but optimizing financial outcomes. Taxes, market volatility, and costs are critical variables beyond simple portfolio returns.

Our team’s internal investment committee, unmotivated by commissions, applies focused research and resources to design portfolio models that can be tailored to each family’s unique circumstances. We…

  • Create Personalized Investment Policy Statement
  • Select, Review and Monitor Investments & Allocation Tilts
  • Utilize Independent & Proprietary Research
  • Provide Comprehensive Reporting

RISK MANAGEMENT – Implementing high quality risk products to help meet each family’s financial contingency needs to help assure the plan self-completes and is optimized in the event of death, disability, or a costly long term care event.